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10 Things That Are Worth Less Than Taylor Swift's Cat

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This list will (and should) shock you

Taylor Swift has a cat.

Her name is Olivia Benson.

We don't know what's crazier– the fact that the cat has a first and last name, or that her estimated "net worth" is $97 million.

That unfathomable estimation comes from All About Cats' Ultimate Rich Pet List, which shouldn't be a thing. All About Cats published the following message to clarify how they arrived at the valuation:

By analyzing the Instagrams of pets with the most followers, likes, and engagement rates, we discovered the top 50 most influential pets. We also wanted to see just how much these animals could make for their loving owners. Using Instagram data we estimated how much each of these pets could make per Instagram post to discover who among them were the highest earners, and how much the most influential cats could pull in per post.

-All About Cats

​Make sense now? Still no? Yeah, we're still confused, too. Regardless, take a look at the list we've compiled of things that are worth less than this very lucky feline.

Approximately 206 Rolls Royces

The average Rolls Royce costs approximately $470,000. To Taylor Swift's cat, that's chump change! Most of us could never afford a single Rolls Royce in our lifetimes, but that's on us for deciding not to be born as Taylor Swift's cat. Whoops!

Rolls Royce Rolls Royce

Harvard Tuition For All 19 Duggar Children, nearly 100 Times.

If you're not aware, the Duggars are the family that achieved fame through their show 17 Kids and Counting. They're a Christian family that subscribes to the "Quiverful" ideology that promotes large families and abstaining from all forms of birth control. In their eyes, large families are a blessing from God and a way to grow the faith.

Harvard tuition is currently priced at $55,587, therefore for all of the children to attend one semester (without room and board!), the total arrives at a whopping $1,056,153.

You get the picture!

Harvard Harvard

One Month of Twitter Blue For Over 12,000,000 people

Twitter Blue, the highly contested feature of Twitter, gets you that coveted blue checkmark for the duration of your subscription. If we, as a team, dissolved Olivia Benson's net worth, we could fund one month of Twitter Blue for over 12 million people. Not saying that we will, but I'd be lying if I said it didn't cross my mind.

Twitter Blue Twitter Blue

The Actual Bat Mobile

You know the Bat Mobile? The Lincoln Futura from the 1966 original Batman movie? It was sold in 2013 for $4,200,000. Olivia Benson, Taylor Swift's cat, shakes her fuzzy little head at this. Even if it were covered in gold, OB could probably afford it dozens of times over.

Lincoln Futura, Bat Mobile Lincoln Futura, Bat Mobile

47,000 Gold Bars

While we're on the subject of gold, think about this: a single gold bar is currently valued at $1,949.85.

47,000 gold bars would cost a mere $91,642,950. If Taylor Swift's cat wanted to liquidate her fortune on such an endeavor, she would still have over 5 million dollars left over. Not bad, Ms. Benson!

Gold Bars Gold Bars

Mariska Hargitay's House

Mariska Hargitay plays Olivia Benson on Law and Order SVU. In case you didn't connect those dots already, I hope I blew your mind!

Her New York City townhouse, a whopping 6 stories, was listed in 2018 for $10.7 million. How many stories do you think the cat's house is? I don't even wanna know.

Mariska Hargitay and Husband Mariska Hargitay and Husband

216 Million McDonald's Chicken Nuggets

I'm sure that Olivia Benson is not allowed anywhere NEAR fast food, but if she wanted to absolutely LIQUIDATE McDonald's chicken nugget inventory (probably for only a day, but still), she really could.

At $4.49 per 10-piece order, 216 million chicken nuggets from McDonald's would cost $96,984,000. With the extra money, OB should probably buy something to carry them in.

Nuggies Nuggies

Marilyn Monroe's Iconic White Dress

Arguably the most iconic dress of all time, Marilyn Monroe's white William Travilla dress from the movie The Seven Year Itch is valued at $4,600,000 million. For that meager amount, Taylor Swift's cat can afford the dress and subsequently turn it into more than a dozen small, cat-sized dresses. That's not a bad idea! You can take that one, Olivia.

The Seven Year Itch The Seven Year Itch

My Rent For 1000 Years

I, Lauren, live in Jersey City and my rent is $1785 a month (with utilities). That's a lot of money to me, but to Taylor Swift's cat, its embarrassingly low. One year of my rent is $21,540. 1000 years of my rent, assuming we pay in one lump sum to prevent my landlord from jacking up the prices, would be $21,540,000. Olivia Benson can pay my rent for 1000 years without making a life-altering dent in her savings. Plus, if she did, I would snuggle her so hard. Consider it, Olivia!!!

Jersey City, NJ. Jersey City, NJ.

A Real Iron Man Suit

Iron Man's suit is something I feel like we all secretly want to own. I don't know about you, but I am trying to FLY before I DIE. The suit, though it's too big for a cat, is valued at around $450,000.

This begs the question: is Olivia Benson already considering the purchase? I'd sure hope so.

Iron Man Iron Man

Well, if this thoroughly depressed you, I am sorry! I'm just trying to put things in perspective, which is important! Anyway, bye!

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